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Re: [Xen-users] OVMF and XEN - hangs on boot with pci-passthrough, not saving settings

On Tue, 2015-07-21 at 11:12 +0300, Alex Wakizashi wrote:
> Still not received an answer about PCI devices with UEFI ROM BIOS
> passthrough, which is a major problem, or how to get debug output from
> I'm very interested to make separated OVMF binary and pflash image for
> EFI variables, work in XEN.

I think this pair of topics would therefore be suitable for the devel
list, and perhaps even cross posting to the upstream ovmf/edk2 list
(which I know just moved off sf.net, but I'm not sure where too...).

> As far as I understand from mentioned thread, this is what Andrew told
> about. In this case it would be possible to test different OVMF
> modifications without recompilation of XEN.

IIRC Andrew would like to make hvmloader multiboot aware, such that it
can be passed the BIOS as a payload (loaded by the toolstack) and
avoiding the need to build it into hvmloader statically. AFAIAA there
has been no work done on this front, but if you were interested in
picking it up that would be pretty awesome.


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