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Re: [Xen-users] [xen4.4] DomU Windows server HVM with xen-tools xl create

On 15/10/15 09:34, estebann@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I do not understand your example for forwarding X.

As I replied to David, I managed to access my Windows DomU with VNC and RDP too. And that works perfectly.

But I discovered a little problem : How to know the id value to adding from 5900 base port ?

I read that "xl list" gives the domain_id which is not necessarilythe good value to add (I had just discovered thisjoyousness). Also I read that "ps -ef | grep vnc" gives the value behind the -vnc parameter, but for me this does not work.

The vnclisten parameter : limit remote clients and security ?

I will dig it further but it seems that vncdisplay parameter does not work as expected to define the static port !

So how to know with certaintywhat is the real value to add ?

I'm still using xm with an older version of Xen, but I use:
vncdisplay    = 8

Which means I should connect to port 5908. Just make sure each config file has a unique port number assigned. Let us know if that doesn't work as expected, and hopefully someone using xl can comment further.


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