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Re: [Xen-users] Monitoring Xen via Nagios

Hi Jason,

In order to monitor something, you need to define what it is you
want to monitor. "Xen health" isn't something specific, you need
to be quite specific as to what you want to monitor.

Yes, All options are good but I mean is that I want to know when a
Xen VM stopped or failed or even Xen service not worked correctly.
Can you show me how can I write this config

Sorry, but I can't - as I said I don't monitor Xen directly, I just
monitor the guests and work on the basis that if the guests are
running then Xen must be working.

A good start might be to check the existing xen-oriented Nagios plugins,
to learn from them and perhaps to modify them to your specific needs.
https://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Plugins/Operating-System/*-Virtual-Environments/Others/Check-XenServer/details .

I myself would be much interested in your experience with these :-).

One is to use SNMP - basically, if the device does SNMP and you know
 the right OID to use, you can monitor anything covered by the SNMP
agent on the device. That could be detecting a link down on a switch,
or the operating mode of a UPS, or ...

For "computers", you can also install NRPE - Nagios Remote Plugin

Plugins are, clearly, the non-SNMP, i.e. Nagios/NRPE way to do it. For
SNMP, it is principially the same: you need some agents to feed the OIDs
(parameters you want to monitor) into the SNMP system and then you can
use SNMP tools (also Nagios, cf. http://www.math.wisc.edu/~jheim/snmp/)
to do the monitoring. IMHO, SNMP is more standardized than NRPE, and
Nagios/NRPE was easier for me to run than Nagios/SNMP, because of the
(mostly mental, I think) overhead of the SNMP infrastructure. OTOH,
SNMP is more standardized than NRPE and many things are ready to use
(e.g. detailed openvswitch monitoring, as Simon wrote) just that by
quick g**gling I can't find anything useful (for me) about SNMP and
Xen... more than https://github.com/cvarta/xen-monitoring .

I think that Zabbix has also something to monitor Xen, but I'm not sure.

HTH, and let us know.


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