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Re: [Xen-users] Monitoring Xen via Nagios

>> Thank you so much for your notes but can you tell me how can I
>> monitor my Dom0 or DomU via nagios?

Like any other "remote" system, i.e. over the (virtual) network that
interconnects your (virtual) machines. I don't think that it would be
worth thinking of other ways of sending messages between Nagios on your
monitoring host and NRPE on the systems that you want to monitor.
(In case you take our recommendation and go for NRPE).

> You'll have to RTFM to see what the plugins do and how to use them.

You can start here:

... and follow to the links introduced by "Once you get Nagios
installed and running properly, you'll no doubt want to start
monitoring more than just your local machine."

Good luck :-)


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