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Re: [Xen-users] Openindiana (was Mac OSX How-to)


"jim burns" <jim_burn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> írta 2016-08-12 22:07-kor:
> Yeah, that's pretty much Boris's method. When I execute the cfg for the 
> installer, I get: (if reading this at home, make sure your email client is 
> reading in html mode)
> xl create -c oi 
> Parsing config from oi 
> libxl: warning: libxl_bootloader.c:416:bootloader_disk_attached_cb: 
> bootloader='/usr/bin/pygrub' is deprecated; use bootloader='pygrub' instead 
> v4.7.0 chgset '' 

Which xen version did you tried?
Maybe something broke in xen during times. As I mentioned, I tried this in
~2013-2014. What I did not mentioned: I tried that on a stable or oldstable
debian as dom0 os. In those times debian 6.0 was the oldstable, 7.0 was the
stable. So the newset out of the box xen version was 4.1. And after a short
try we gave up on use of the xl toolstack: With xl, if you said reboot in a
guest system, then it did not rebooted, just become dead somewhere.
I filled a Debian bug report in their bts. They said, they will not fix it,
since supporting "xl" toolstack is "experimental".
I could not win over their stubbornness :(

Btw.: Did you tried openindiana only? I am not sure, maybe I just dreamed
that, but I slighlty remember, if I'd read that on omnios-discuss, that
there is available omnios AMI images in AWS. So, if it is possible, than
maybe omnios's kernel / other things are fixed to use in a xen environment.


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