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Re: [Xen-users] Xen 4.12 DomU hang / freeze / stall under high network/disk load

On 2/14/20 4:21 PM, Glen wrote:

> Done, thank you!  And, again with the admission that I"m down to
> grasping at straws here, the reason I'm looking at this at all is
> because I'm trying *anything* I can to restore stability here.  The
> guests make comments in their logs about "clocksource", and I have no
> idea if it's relevant or not, but when on that page I see phrases like
> "emulated means ... apps will always run correctly", I feel like that
> was an avenue worth checking.

I would personally guess it just means that something didn't get to run for a long time. It might be worth using xl list / xl vcpu-list <domain> when it's hung to see if it's running or blocked and how many cpu times are going up or not.

> Right now, however, because it required a physical data center visit,
> I have proceeded to try to bracket this further.  Today I downgraded
> Xen on my test host to 4.10, and am now stress-testing the guest
> again.  I will have to let it run for 7 days to meet my arbitrary
> standard, unless it crashes further, so I now have to sit and wait for
> this, which is frustrating.  I'll throw in iperf3 as well, but unless
> it crashes all I can do is wait.

Well, that gets you security support through December 2020.

> Additional thoughts/comments/guidance welcome and wanted if it occurs
> to you or anyone!

I've gotten very useful data from debug builds of both Linux and Xen. It will massively slow down your system and you don't want to run them in production.


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