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Re: Net.Manager

On 29 Mar 2013, at 20:05, Richard Mortier <Richard.Mortier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 

> On 29 Mar 2013, at 19:47, Vincent Bernardoff wrote:
>> The code in mirage-platform is not using ocaml-tuntap for now… :( Since 
>> we want to change the design, I did not bother updating the code for 
>> now, sorry. I could make the changes quite quickly, if you want.
> ah- no, that's fine. tbh given what i understand of mirage use of tuntap and 
> ocaml-tuntap, i'd be surprised if it made much difference switching to 
> ocaml-tuntap -- they're using largely the same calls/parameters aren't they? 
> it still seems to me more likely that it's something to do with 
> bridging/forwarding/routing that's been set incorrectly... :(  

The purpose of splitting out the tuntap code into a separate repository is so 
that you can create a regression test for it to ensure that the basic network 
bridging is working.

Create a really simple ping test using only ocaml-tuntap before you even try 
Mirage (and put it in lib_test in ocaml-tuntap too).




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