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Re: [Publicity] Blog post: OSSTest Standalone Mode Step by Step

any objections to publishing your post today? I ran behind on all my stuff

On 26/09/2013 15:51, Wei Liu wrote:
On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 03:37:50PM +0100, George Dunlap wrote:
It occurs to me that for the osstest->XenRT transition, a first step
would be to get XenRT running on the xenproject.org testbed. That
will help shake out all the random assumptions about the environment
that may have ended up baked into the code.  We should probably try
to touch base with the XenRT team about that, after IanJ comes back
>from holiday.
I completly get the short term - we need osstest, long term lets look
at Xen RT. Perhaps the blog can mention Xen RT as the more longterm
transition and enumerate some of the things it does?
Well the purpose of the blog is a how-to of how to get osstest up
and running; having a big section on XenRT would be out of place.
Also, I doubt Wei has any personal experience with XenRT, so he's
not exactly in a position to extol its benefits.  That would be
better done by someone on the XenRT team, and in a different blog.

But we should probably at least mention it, and how osstest relates
to it.  How about something like this:

"Some readers may recall the recent announcement of open-sourcing
XenRT, and wondering about the relationship between osstest and
XenRT.  Long-term, we expect that XenRT will mature as an open
development project and eventually displace osstest.  But that is
not likely to happen for another six months to a year.  Developing
osstest has benefits for the current development, and we hope that
getting people involved in writing test cases for osstest will be of
service in helping people write test cases for XenRT when it becomes
available.  So we have decided to continue to develop osstest until
XenRT is ready to replace it."



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