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RE: [Xen-devel] iommu: mapping reserved region failed - Q35 -VT-DIssue

Stefan Bauer wrote:
> Han, Weidong schrieb:
>> Why it's so short? Can post complete output?
> I expected also an even bigger output, but it shows debug=n even
> though i enabled it with loglvl=all loglvl_guest=all
> Please see the new complete output here:
> www.plzk.de/CAPTURE.TXT

Yes, this output is complete and helpful. I found the problem exists in 
domain_context_mapping(), which never succeeds. Thus result in other problems. 
Can you add some printk to locate where it fails?

In addition, I suggest you don't add extra graphic card into your machine, as I 
know it may introduce issues on Q35. 


>> I suspect your environment is not incorrect in somewhere. Pls list
>> the following info: platform, BIOS, dom0 changeset, Xen changeset,
>> did you add-on extra graphics card? did you follow steps listed in
>> docs/misc/vtd.txt?   
> 64BIT Debian stable (etch)
> Lenovo Thinkcentre M57 - Typ 6075-BQG
> Bios Version 2RKT54AUS
> Bios Date 08/20/2008
> Dom0 is Kernel with Xen 3.4 xen-unstable.hg, plain
> installation without any modifications at all
> One HVM guest for testing, windows 2000 with pci = [ ' 01:00.0' ] line
> in its configuration.
> I add a pci graphic card for testing purpose to have vga output in
> case i hide the pci-e card. that pci card is not used for passthrough.
> I followed steps listed in
> http://lxr.xensource.com/lxr/source/docs/misc/vtd.txt but came to the
> conclusion that it might have something to do with Base Address
> Register? 
>> Actually, latest Xen VT-d is quite stable in our recent testing. I
>> wish here too. 
> Regards

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