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Re: [Xen-devel] dead qemu make targets in toplevel Makefile

On Tue, Oct 07, Ian Campbell wrote:

> It looks like my build scripts use "make -C tools $FOO-force-update", so
> removing them would be a problem for me personally.

The dead code is in the toplevel Makefile, the command above uses

> On the other hand since they are only for use by end users and not
> dependencies of any other rule I suppose we could just nuke the
> conditionals but leave the rules themselves?

Yes, but shouldnt this be easier like "make update-qemu-trad" which
downloads and forces the tree(s) to be in a given state? And while we
are at it, I find something like "make clean-qemu-trad" useful. It
should check if the subdir is a git tree, and do either a "git clean
-dfx" or "make clean".

And perhaps all that should be in two easy targets like 'update-subprj'
and 'clean-subprj'. There is likely a better string than "subprj".


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