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Re: [Xen-users] e100 + Xen + VLAN -> VLANs don't work [SOLVED]?

Timo Benk wrote:


if you add a vlan to peth0 (whole interface), the bridge xenbr0 (whole interface) will stop working.
at least, it does for me.

Yes, for sure. Seems for me that you did not have a peth0 Interface.

Configure the default bridged setup and try the script again.

If it is still not working for you, i cannot help you any more.

Anything i can say is, the described setup works for me.

All right, finally I found where the problem is.

In the end, it looks like your scripts do pretty much the same what the default Xen "network-bridge" script does.

VLANs work for me on 100 Mbit cards if I *only* use VLAN-tagged interfaces for Xen networking (these scripts achieve more or less what your scripts):

network-bridge start vifnum=1 netdev=eth0.100 bridge=xenbr100

network-bridge start vifnum=2 netdev=eth0.200 bridge=xenbr200

network-bridge start vifnum=3 netdev=eth0.300 bridge=xenbr300

However, I want to use normal, non-tagged networking, too:

network-bridge start vifnum=0 netdev=eth0 bridge=xenbr0

After starting the bridge for eth0/xenbr0, VLANs don't work anymore.

With 1 Gbit cards, I don't have this problem, and I can use a bridge with eth0.

To sum up - I could:

1) 100 Mbit cards + Xen - simultaneously:

- can use domains with VLANs
- can not use domains without VLANs


- can not use domains with VLANs
- can use domains without VLANs

2) 1 Gbit cards + Xen

- can use both VLAN and non-VLAN networking with guest domains

The solution was:

* Do not start a bridge (like xenbr0) for eth0:

#network-bridge start vifnum=0 netdev=eth0 bridge=xenbr0

* Do *not* specify a bridge in configuration of domains that don't use VLANs:

- this one works:

vif    = [ 'ip=, mac=00:16:3E:5B:19:14' ]

- this one will fail:

vif    = [ 'ip=, mac=00:16:3E:5B:19:14', bridge='xenbr0' ]

Tomasz Chmielewski

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