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Re: [Xen-users] xen storage options - plase advise

> > Yes, file based domU's are currently on ocfs2 on a SAN. 
> > 
> > I don't do any snapshotting right now, but that's not to say I won't
> > want to some day.
> Yes, but you _want_ to be able snapshot your domUs, because of
> "Hot-backup" of running domUs.

This is a bit off the topic of my original post, but can you elaborate
just a little on this? How do you use snapshot for hot-backup? 

> >  My goal is to get to a point where things are stable
> > and I can run something to manager everything, ie Orchestrate,
> > Convirture, something to manage restarting/migrating domU's when one of
> > the servers has problems. Or I just need to have a server down for
> > maintenance.
> You're searching for openQRM ;-)

Thanks for this suggestion. Glanced at it briefly and will definitely
look at it some more. Have you looked at convirt? I liked how that
looked, but HA features appear to cost extra. 

> > So in general terms, how would I setup LVM (clvm)? Let's say I have two
> > servers (in this case running sles11). Each server has the SAME
> > vdisk(LUN) from our Xiotech SAN assigned to it for storage. Let's say
> > it's a 400gb vdisk. If I add additional servers, they too would be
> > assigned the same vdisk. Similarly, I could add additional vdisks when
> > more storage is required. 
> You have to care that _EVERY_ dom0 is "seeing" the Storage-LUN!
> If your hosts are able to connect to this storage ALL Hosts should be
> able to use this Volumes (LVols)
> > 
> > Anyway, on the first server I setup LVM. Somehow the second server would
> > also see that as lvm and be able to mount it?
> pvscan 
> vgscan 
> vgchange -ay 
> should be enough that ALL Hosts could start the domUs residing in this
> LUN / VG....

Ok, I may try this tomorrow, but just to clarify, doing this does NOT
allow me to use snapshotting? Why is that?

So if I have the same 400gb device(LUN) assigned to each server.
I create a logical volume
I create a file system on that logical volume
Mount that on each server using the same name for the mount point.

So essentially each server would see /data which is the file system on
the LVM. Under /data/images I could store my file based domUs. That's
essentially what I'm doing right now on ocfs2. Does snapshotting work on
ocfs2? If so, how are they different in terms of snapshotting?


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