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Re: [Xen-users] VGA Passthru - FLR?

Matthias, hi!

I've tried Catalyst 12.10 and even 12.1, but xen behavior kept the same on and on (VGA passthru worked only as secondary device and dom0 freshly rebooted). As requested, I'm sending you the hvm configuration files from windows-xp and windows-7, my lspci -vv, uname and the kernel configuration file.

Do you have any idea how I can make this work?

2013/3/4 Guilherme Suzuki <suzuki.gui@xxxxxxxxx>


I'm gonna try catalyst 12-10 (after deinstalling and checking if the passthru works rebooting and so on).

I'll send my domU config as soon as I get home.

One more question: does it matter if I use intel onboard graphics with the dom0 and xen-pciback(radeon device pci)? Cause that would be the reason primary VGA passthru did not work...

Thx, xen guys are awesome! =D

On Mar 4, 2013 2:07 PM, "Matthias" <matthias.kannenberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


good news, since you said your winxp was able to boot with vga
passthrough just fine, your FLR seems to work fine and this might
'only' be a driver-related problem.

What you can do is deinstall your catalyst drivers. After rebooting,
Win7 will fallback on a windows-standard driver for the vga but when
it correctly says the vga name (like ATI Radeion HD whatever Series),
it actually is falling back to an older catalyst version which is
shipped per default with windows. I have found this much more stable
on reboots then the newest driver. Also, deinstall Catalyst / Vision
control center and at best everything the catalyst installer lets you

If vga passthrough works without all the drivers and you really want
the latest and greatest catalyst, i recommend not using the latest
13-1 because it creates a similar behavior you mentioned on my
machine. But catalyst 12-10 seems to work fine, so i would advice you
trying that one.

If it still doesn't work with deinstalled drivers, we can try a patch
i'm currently testing.. But this the patch is somewhat complicated to
install, let's stick with the simple things for the moment.

Also, your domU config still would be of help ruling out some
misconfiguration there..

2013/3/4 Guilherme Suzuki <suzuki.gui@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Sorry (hit send).
> So, the radeon device tells it couldnt start itself (code 10) and cirrus
> d...

Guilherme Suzuki
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