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Re: [Xen-users] Starting to port xen on beagleboard-x15 (GSoC 2019 project)

On 18/06/2019 11:33, Oleksandr Tyshchenko wrote:
Hello all.


Sorry for the top-posting.

I have also CCed Oleksandr, who IIRC worked on a platform using the same SoC
(DRA7) in the past.

Yes. I worked with DRA7 sometime ago. Unfortunately, I don't remember this platform in details, but, there is a Wiki page describing how to run Xen on this platform which *may* help:
Please note, it is related to old Xen and TI GLSDK versions.

Regarding secondary CPU boot.
The special monitor API is used to enable Hyp mode. U-Boot brings secondary CPU up, which, it turn, switches to Hyp mode and enters WFE until Xen wakes it up.
Take a look at the following patch:

I am a bit confused. Linux is able to bring-up CPU in hyp mode with the current U-boot. Why would we need more changes for Xen?


Julien Grall

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