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Re: Opam package publication (was Re: [Caml-list] [ANN] beta-release of OPAM)

> Concretely, I guess that publish a repo means setting up a server somewhere.  
> I don't think that everyone can easily do that or want to invest so much 
> effort only to submit a single package.
> What's the benefit of the git/github submission workflow?  I don't 
> immediately see how this is easier for people responsible of 
> accepting/rejection packages than, say, something based on an upload 
> interface (or even simpler, an email with an attachment).

The goal is to have external tools looking at all pull request, running tests, 
and giving quality feedback to opam-repository gatekeepers. Pull requests are 
also a good place to start discussion about packages. This can be done outside 
of github (on a mailing list for instance) but that's mean reinventing the 
wheel as github pull-request worflow is actually specifically designed for 
this. But as I said, I'm happy to help people submit packages more easily, so 
having an 'opam-tools' package with command-line interfaces to help packager 
could be a good idea.




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