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Re: [Publicity] Blog post: OSSTest Standalone Mode Step by Step

On 26/09/2013 15:37, George Dunlap wrote:
But we should probably at least mention it, and how osstest relates to it. How about something like this:

"Some readers may recall the recent announcement of open-sourcing XenRT, and wondering about the relationship between osstest and XenRT. Long-term, we expect that XenRT will mature as an open development project and eventually displace osstest. But that is not likely to happen for another six months to a year. Developing osstest has benefits for the current development, and we hope that getting people involved in writing test cases for osstest will be of service in helping people write test cases for XenRT when it becomes available. So we have decided to continue to develop osstest until XenRT is ready to replace it."
I think that works. Link to http://blog.xen.org/index.php/2013/09/04/evolving-the-xen-project-test-infrastructure/ - this does actually say that there could be a case for both


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