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Re: [Xen-users] PVUSB - how to?

JH> Hmmm... logging is very expensive in terms of CPU power (basically a
JH> VMEXIT + work by qemu for every character output to the logs.) This
JH> would work to slow down the processing in the usb driver immensely so
JH> maybe I have a race or something in the code.

JH> How many vcpu's do you have in your config? If more than 1, please
JH> change it to 1 and try again (without debug) and see what happens.

During the test used 3 processors. There is also a system that waits for a successful outcome, with 6 processors, which need to passing usb device. Result from a one processor will give later. Uncomfortable every time to shuting down 15 DomU systems to boot the system without usb devices forwarding in the virtual system.
You accidentally do not know how to make pciback unhide dinamycally?

JH>>> Can you then start up again and add the mouse? I have definitely had
JH>>> the mouse working properly before but maybe the wireless HID device
JH>>> crashed it preventing adding the second device from working.
JH>>> I've basically only implemented the USB functions I've been able to
JH>>> JH>
??>> test - there are lots more functions probably missing but they should
??>> JH> be easy enough to add.
??>> How about usb flash drive and usb sound (as Elan USB Phone)?

JH> I'm not implementing ISOC functions. So any audio or video device
JH> probably won't work. I need to do a bit of reading about those though.

Maybe you can do by analogy with usbip, when traffic is encapsulated in all usb commands, and do not need to translate and transmit directly?

JH> A question about your logs - the first one shows a crash at the end...
JH> was this after shutdown? I think I might have a bug in the cancellation
JH> code...

Via VNC was seen BSOD and reboot after dumping system.
In each of the options, when it was connected HID Chicony.

Why forwarding pci device (usb controller) via pciback in a virtual environment - only works in 1.1 instead of 2.0 or 3.0

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