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Re: [Xen-users] PVUSB - how to?

>  JH> Hmmm... logging is very expensive in terms of CPU power (basically a
>  JH> VMEXIT + work by qemu for every character output to the logs.) This
>  JH> would work to slow down the processing in the usb driver immensely so
>  JH> maybe I have a race or something in the code.
>  JH> How many vcpu's do you have in your config? If more than 1, please
>  JH> change it to 1 and try again (without debug) and see what happens.
> During the test used 3 processors. There is also a system that waits for a
> successful outcome, with 6 processors, which need to passing usb device.
> Result from a one processor will give later. Uncomfortable every time to
> shuting down 15 DomU systems to boot the system without usb devices
> forwarding in the virtual system.

So you don't have a test system you can use with just a couple of usb devices?

> You accidentally do not know how to make pciback unhide dinamycally?

I've never used pci passthrough since xen 2.x (or was it 1.x?)

>  JH> I'm not implementing ISOC functions. So any audio or video device
>  JH> probably won't work. I need to do a bit of reading about those though.
> Maybe you can do by analogy with usbip, when traffic is encapsulated in all
> usb commands, and do not need to translate and transmit directly?

Usbip does things a bit differently but I have had a look at that code before.

>  JH> A question about your logs - the first one shows a crash at the end...
>  JH> was this after shutdown? I think I might have a bug in the cancellation
>  JH> code...
> Via VNC was seen BSOD and reboot after dumping system.
> In each of the options, when it was connected HID Chicony.
> Why forwarding pci device (usb controller) via pciback in a virtual
> environment - only works in 1.1 instead of 2.0 or 3.0

Not sure. It should work if you are passing through the whole host controller.


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