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Re: [Xen-users] [xen-4.6-ARM][Renesas-Lager Board] Fail to enter rootfs on DOM0 after setting XEN

> 2015-11-10 23:18 GMT+09:00 Julien Grall <julien.grall@xxxxxxxxxx>:
>> On 10/11/15 05:49, ììí wrote:
>>> Hello,
>> Hello,
>>> I had tried to get Dom0 shell with simple initramfs. but it was not
>>> working on xen.
>> I'm afraid that I can't help you with only "It was not working ...".
>> Please try to provide log, how did you build the initramfs, say if it
>> works on baremetal...
Ok, I attach log files that are when boot each with initramfa and NFS
 file system based on linux mainline linux4.3.
1) With Xen4.6.1
a) renesas_with_xen4.6.1_NFS_linux4.3  - using  NFS file system with
tty node "ttySC0"
b) renesas_with_xen4.6.1_initramfs_linux4.3 - using initramfs

2) Without Xen4.6.1
a) renesas_with_native_NFS_linux4.3 - using  NFS file system with tty
node "hvc0"
b) renesas_with_xen4.6.1_initramfs_linux4.3 - using initramfs

I got the shell on native with both file system(nfs and initramfs),
but target board had hang during dom0 booting based on XEN.

>>> In case of without-Xen, linux with similar setting(the difference is for
>>> bootargs for dom0 and xen) is working well.
>> It's not because Linux is booting on baremetal that it will necessarily
>> boot on Xen.
>> The behavior may be different because we may not map some regions or
>> some code may not be executed in Linux anymore and we don't do it in Xen.

I added only dts file need to xen according to
That is all I did.

>>> I hope, anvody help me to solve about "how to get the shell for DOM0 on
>>> lager board"?
>> First check your initramfs is working and baremetal and then with DOM0.
>> The initramfs for the both case are exactly the same.

I attached initramfs file. this file is normal working on native linux system.

>> Regards,
>> --
>> Julien Grall

Happy Virus....
Chang Hwan, Cho

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