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Re: [Xen-users] Xen and OS X.

This is an important thread to me as I have spent hours reading online for 
examples on how to do this.

Can we please not digress into a flame war and ruin the intent?

Create an Off Topic thread, please. Let’s not taint this one any further. 

Thank you,
Steffan Cline

On 7/26/16, 5:40 AM, "Xen-users on behalf of Jason Long" 
<xen-users-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of hack3rcon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    On Tuesday, July 26, 2016 4:39 PM, Simon Hobson <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
    Jason Long <hack3rcon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    <a large amount of untrimmed and unquoted material> Please trim what you 
reply to !
    > If you mean about unique hardware is that Apple use special Hardware then 
you wrong. They reverse engineering PC motherboards and make their own 
motherboards and thus their hardware slots and...must different from PC but I 
mean is that Apple use Nvidia or Intel or AMD for VGA, Kingston or corsiar or.. 
For RAM and... and all of them are PC :)
    You have no idea how people design hardware. One thing Apple will NOT be 
doing is reverse engineering other products to design their motherboards. They 
will be working with full tech specs from the vendors (eg Intel) - and almost 
certainly having access to information and design assistance that isn't 
available to the likes of your or me. They may well be doing some reverse 
engineering to see how others do it and find some ideas to use, but even then I 
think you'd find that they'll go back to the design tools and do their own 
    The only part of your comment that is true is that they do use many common 
parts which are also used in other systems. But they do have some features that 
aren't common across the industry - again parts bin engineering, but (AIUI) 
most PCs don't have a TPM module for example.
    But everything they produce is (in terms of form factor) custom to them. So 
back when they still did tower machines, they didn't use any common physical 
arrangement (eg ITX case/MB) - making it impractical to do repairs with 
anything but their own spares (hence the comment about expensive). For some 
systems, notably the current iMacs, the drives may appear to be standard hard 
drives, but with customer firmware - have a search and there's lots of people 
found that replacing the hard drive causes the fan to run permanently at full 
speed. BTW - I've seen HP do this trick as well.
    There is one other thing. In general (over the years) I've found Apple 
systems to be generally more reliable than PCs. That's not to say they don't 
have faults - often very annoying and "they did what ?" type of faults - but 
back when I used to support a mixed environments we found that the Macs lasted 
far longer than PCs (both in terms of hardware packing in, and in terms of 
still being usable). From what I've read, this may well not be the case any 
more - I don't have enough recent experience to comment, although my current 
laptop is 8 years old and the main reason I want to replace it is to get 
support for more than 8G or RAM.
    I guess you are a MACFAG because you don't know the computer and apple 
story. Apple said that it will destroy PC and IBM but PowerMac use PowerPC CPU 
that designed by IBM and others. Why a company that want destroy PC use PC 
hardware!!!!!!!!!! Your second wrong is that you said Apple is reliable more 
than PCs but can you define PC for me? I guess in your idea PC is a system that 
use Windows OS and then you right it is not reliable but for me, PC is just a 
computer and not have any relationship with OS. I recommended HP or Dell 
Workstation and then compare their power with your iMAC :)
    Your third wrong is that you don't know Apple never product anything it 
just a company that assemble PC hardware with a Unix OS. OS X is BSD and...
    You may tell me that your iMac is not Plastic and it is so strong but can 
you tell me about the price? Why you expect to give a plastic when you paid a 
lot of money :))))))))))))
    At the end, Can you tell me why iMac is just %4 of the world? I hope you 
never say me it is because of price because HP or Dell workstations are more 
expensive :)
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