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Re: [Xen-users] Xen and OS X.

Steffan Cline <steffan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Can we please not digress into a flame war and ruin the intent?


> This is an important thread to me as I have spent hours reading online for 
> examples on how to do this.

Out of interest, did you find anything useful ? I know last time I looked I 
found very little, and it would be quite useful to me to be able to get one 

Jason Long <hack3rcon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I guess you are a MACFAG because you don't know the computer and apple story.

Actually, I know it very well - clearly better than you do. Please cut the 
insults and crap, learn how to quote and trim properly (you don't seem to be 
trying even after many prompts), but above all take the crap and politics 
somewhere else.

> You install Linux on Mac? Haha why never use a Linux laptop :)

Why not - a "Linux" laptop is just a laptop that's running Linux<period>. As 
you have so inelegantly pointed out, a Mac is a PC at heart (Apple even include 
the means to create a Windows driver disk for dual booting), so why should it 
be such a surprise. At one time I was running Linux (Yellow Dog) on a PowerPC 
Macbook Pro.
Sometimes there is more to it than just a name.

And for the record, I have also done a number of "spec up a comparable system" 
exercises over the years - and you know what, Apple generally don't come out 
badly ! Yes they are expensive, but mostly that's because they don't do low 
spec crap like most vendors do. If you actually compare like-like you'll find 
that systems from most other vendors are also expensive.

But this is really off topic for both the thread and the list.

Let me give you some advice, because you really seem to need it.
If you are going to demand help from a mailing list, then you really should try 
not to annoy those you are asking for help. You have no *RIGHT* to time from 
anyone here - we are here because we've got benefits from Xen and are doing 
what we can to help others get that. But that is done in what spare time we 
have, and to be honest, patience wears thin with people who refuse to use good 
netiquette, and eventually start insulting you.

So if you want help, then do yourself a favour and take this advice :
1) When you reply, ensure that what you quote is quoted properly (it hasn't 
been in your last few messages). If your mail client is rubbish, get a 
different client - ANY half decent mail client will get this right.
2) Don't leave the whole of the message in your reply. TRIM IT and quote only 
what's needed to set the context. Again, *ANY* half decent mail client will do 
this, if yours doesn't then get one that does.
Put another way, YOU put in a few seconds of your time to make it easy for 
everyone on the list you are expecting to help you.
If you ignore either or both of these then that shouts "you don't care enough 
about my time to spend the few seconds making it easy for us to read your 
emails". If you don't care about my time, then why should I care about helping 
you ?

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