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Re: [Xen-users] Xen 4.12 DomU hang / freeze / stall under high network/disk load

On 17.02.20 19:49, Sarah Newman wrote:
On 2/17/20 10:33 AM, Tomas Mozes wrote:

Just a quick note - no stall after switching to credit scheduler on xen
4.12 after 3 days.

That's great news. By 4.12 do you mean release 4.12.1, 4.12.2, or something else?

I'm assuming when "PGNet Dev" reported 4.12 being bad and 4.13 being good, they were using the default scheduler of credit 2.

It's worth asking on xen-devel if there's a known bug in the credit 2 scheduler that's been fixed. It looks like there were some significant changes to the scheduling code in between Xen 4.12 and Xen 4.13, and if one was a fix I'm not sure it would have been recognized as being so.

It was me doing the massive scheduling changes in 4.13, and I'm pretty
sure I marked the fixes of existing bugs as such.

All fixes have been backported to 4.12 and are included in 4.12.2.


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