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Re: Opam installation woes

Removing that 'eval `opam config -env`' made the compilation succeed, but switching still causes a load of things to get installed in .opam/system/bin.


On 08/08/12 09:20, Thomas Gazagnaire wrote:
Hmm. Going back to the opam woes, I'm once more having issues - now with the 
standard 'inconsistent assumptions' errors and the like. I suspect this is 
because things are being installed in the wrong places.

The problem I had earlier was that after the switch to the xen compiler, 
~/.opam/system/... was being reported by ocamlc.  Unless I'm misunderstanding 
something, shouldn't the ocamlc binaries be pointing at ~/.opam/xen/... 
instead? It looks to me a lot like stuff was being installed into 
~/.opam/system when it should have been going into ~/.opam/xen - specifically 
the ocamlc binaries ended up in .opam/system/bin. Is that expected behaviour?
Hmm, that's very weird. I've just cloned and installed a fresh opam repo on my 
ubuntu dev-box, and I've run:

$ opam init mirage http://mirage.github.com/opam
$ opam switch -alias xen 3.12.1+mirage-xen

and everything runs fine.

Could you have a look at any ocamlfind.env files you can find in ~/.opam/ ?

I'm running some more tests, but I'm a bit puzzle by your issue. Maybe you can 
try to repro it with OPAMDEBUG=1 and send me the execution trace ?

I think it's high time we setup a little continuous build VM.  Thomas, is there 
an easy way to iterate through every package and attempt a compilation? I could 
do a big 'opam install `opam list`'-style command, but something that has 
reasonable logging for failures would be useful.
Completely agree, my tiny EC2 VM is not able to compile ocaml without crashing, 
so if someone has a bigger build machine available, I would be happy to set-up 
something there.

you can run "opam install `opam list -short`" if you want to install all 




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