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Re: [Xen-users] VGA Passthru - FLR?

Dude, please forget my previous message!

I followed that post from xen-devel string, applied the patch and everything seems to be working just fine!

That's really my case (newest kernel, old amd patch). I hope those problems become part of the past from now on.

You're are awesome! Thx a lot.

2013/3/12 Guilherme Suzuki <suzuki.gui@xxxxxxxxx>

Matthias, I think you can help!

I applied a similar patch to my xen (unstable, by the way) and all that I get is "parallel0 console" through VNC and the display seems dead (black screen). This time I'm trying to "primary VGA passthru" it.

But I noticed something: my VMs have been running with 8gb ram. I'll try to decrease that...

I sort of gave up using my radeon 7950 as secondary, it will only work properly if I reboot dom0 as well.

On Mar 12, 2013 4:48 PM, "Matthias" <matthias.kannenberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


after reading the thread I don't think it will help you cause you got
other issues, but since i promised the patch and wrote it for another
thread a minute ago anyway, here is the reference to it:



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